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Courses Offered
Through the IPDL

Courses Offered
Through the IPDL

Educating the next generation interactive product designers is a core mission of the lab. There are a variety of courses which are taught in the lab or that utilize lab resources. Our courses offer an excellent way for students to get an introduction to interactive product design, as well as opportunities to develop new skills and apply their knowledge and interests to interactive technologies. Registering for an IPDL-affiliated course is also one of the best ways of getting involved with the lab. 

Our dedicated IPDL Student Projects feed is coming soon! In the meantime, please visit the School of Industrial Design's Launchpad Showcase student portfolios. Many IPDL student members participate and feature their work at Launchpad.

How the IPDL Supports Courses

The IPDL enhances many class experiences and offers interactive learning support by providing specialized tools and equipment, access to materials, lab-hosted workshops and guest lectures, and lab open hours that provide students with more dedicated time to learn, test, experiment, and receive mentorship and assistance.

A student testing sensors through an interactive glove

ID 2510 - Intro to Smart Product Design

This course provides an introduction to smart product design including the basics of sensor technologies, electronics, and programming required to produce working product concept prototypes.

students testing out of a game controller that looks like a grill

ID 3510 - Interactive Products

This course provides an introduction to interactive product design including the basics of sensor technologies, electronics, and programming required to produce working product concept prototypes.

Student demonstrating a game controller that looks like a  bank safe

ID 6107 - Integrated Product Design

This course offers an introduction to smart products and teaches students to create IOT products. Students work with sensors and signals, U/I design, and multi-platform prototyping.

Jukebox Gearo a Light up music playing experience

ID 6763 - Design of Interactive Environments

This course offers the opportunity to investigate and design ambient, intelligent, and interactive interfaces, as well computational applications in tangible and physical environments to support health, wellness, and quality of life.

Cardboard model of a 3D printer

CS 8803 - Physical Prototyping for HCI

This course aims to expose and provide students with hands on experience to the tools and techniques needed to create 3D physical product design and interaction prototypes. Students will progress through the model making process gaining experience and exposure to traditional model making techniques, rapid prototyping technologies, and an understanding of where and when it fits into the design process. Students will also learn methods for incorporating interactive elements and hardware into physical models to allow for testing.

A light casting a shadow of a sphere but the shadow has wings

ID 8803 - Technology of Poetic Objects

This class explores the design and prototyping of poetic objects, that spark a range of emotional and intellectual responses through the means of interaction. Student engage with hands-on projects and gain advanced knowledge and skills in implementing interactive hardware and software systems. The key capstone goal for students in the course is public exhibition of projects. Towards that, students work on projects from all levels of production including problem definition, narrative design, concepting, technical validation, experience prototyping and development. The theme of the class emphasizes state-of-the-art technology and societal impacts they may bring; these include but are not limited to the topics of discrimination, ability and disability, environmental change, and privacy and surveillance.


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