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Affiliated Groups and Labs

Research Affiliated Groups and Labs

The IPDL is home to several faculty led research groups that specialize in integrating everyday craft materials with computing, technological expressiveness, and innovative user experience with interactive technologies. These groups are comprised of faculty and students working together to create the future of interaction, technology, and design. 

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CoDe Craft

CoDe Craft, lead by Dr. Hyunjoo Oh, designs and builds computational design tools and methods that integrate everyday craft materials with computing.  They explore how computing technologies can extend and transform familiar and accessible materials both as a tool and as a material. CoDe Craft investigates how these combinations can broaden creative possibilities for designers. 

Working with a broad spectrum of designers, they approach design as a way of thinking, making, and learning. While drawing inspiration from arts and sciences, they present our work at the intersection of human-computer interaction, design, and learning through making.

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DesigNext Lab

The DesigNext Lab in School of Industrial Design lead by Dr. Wei Wang focuses on the design of smart products and new user experience considerations with interactive technologies.

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Machine Poetics

The Machine Poetics Group, lead by Dr. Sang Leigh, focuses on practice-based research of technological expressiveness and its utilization in the design of products, systems, and more. They aim at understanding technology as a new design medium, and create instances of machines being a close part of us or the environment. 


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