Jim Budd the director of the lab

Director's Welcome

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Interactive Product Design Lab! 

The Lab was established in 2011 in recognition of the potential impact of the rapid growth and integration of miniaturized sensor-based technologies and wireless telecommunications on the way we live, work, and play. 

The Lab was set up from the outset to attract students from across campus with interests in new technology to work collaboratively to explore, experiment, and develop new concepts and operational prototypes to showcase innovative applications of the new interactive technologies. The ongoing collaborative involvement of students from Industrial Design, HCI, Digital Media, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Interactive Computing has helped to rapidly bootstrap the level of knowledge and understanding of the software and hardware as well as the ability to design and prototype radically new ideas. The range of explorative concepts spans the bandwidth including sporting goods, products related to health and wellness, education toys for children, games, environmental controls, interactive exhibits, teaching tools, and wearable technologies.

It’s an exciting space with so much to offer. We welcome you to get involved!


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