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Lab Mentors

Lab Mentors

Lab mentors are what makes the IPDL special. They provide support and are key contributors to the lab's ability to be an access point to learn, engage, create, and invent with interactive technologies.

They bring knowledge, energy, and drive to the day to day running of the lab. Without them the lab would not be the same. 

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What is a Lab Mentor?

What is a Lab Mentor?

Lab mentors are students who are critical to the day to day operations of the IPDL. Mentors keep the doors of the lab open for the Georgia Tech community to utilize the lab throughout the week.  They are dedicated lab members who help to assist and inspire their peers, and offer guidance and support for students working in the lab. Lab mentors are responsible for assisting with lab hardware and equipment, maintaining lab cleanliness and operation, and contributing to the development of lab materials. Additionally and simultaneously, lab mentors gain the ability to work on their own lab-related projects and through their service gain increased abilities to network with industry, faculty, and the community.

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Benefits of Being a Mentor

In recognition of the hard work and commitment that mentors show to the lab they receive a variety of benefits. Mentors receive the following benefits.

  • Buzzcard access to the main lab door
  • Access and use of lab equipment on the desks, and components and tools in the unlocked bins
  • Participation in lab showcases and events
  • Additional support for academic and research projects from senior lab staff
  • Access to specialized lab prototyping equipment
  • Material and services budgets for lab research projects (to be approved)
  • Travel support for successful competition and publication acceptance (to be approved)
  • Extended item checkout times
  • Recommendations for paid positions (RA,TA,GRA,GTA)
  • Increased access to industry opportunities
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How to Become a Mentor

In order to become a lab mentor it is strongly recommended that you have either taken an IPDL related course or have prior experience working with code, microcontrollers, or electronics. Mentors must be able to commit 3 hours a week to keeping the lab open. Mentor signup occurs during the first week of the semester after the weekly lab meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please reach out the lab manager. 

From our Mentors

Hank Duhaime“I think a big thing is that lab mentors aren't expected to be experts in every field relating to IPDL projects (graphic design, physical design, electronics, textiles, etc.). It's OK to come in with what you know, as long as you take the time to figure out what other lab mentors are good at and help direct questions to the people who can answer them.” - Hank Duhaime, MSHCI


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