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Get Involved with the Lab

Get Involved with the Lab

The Interactive Product Design Lab welcomes people from all disciplines and backgrounds. Students can work in the space, acquire research experience, volunteer their time to help others, and explore their interests. Faculty can perform research, utilize equipment, and find skilled research and teaching assistants. Industry partners can collaborate on applying design methodologies to technology-focused challenges or support the IPDL through the donation of resources or funding. 

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The lab specifically welcomes students of all experience levels. Want to learn more about interactive products but don’t know where to start? The lab hosts intra-school workshops and sessions for skill building in ideation, soldering, documenting work, working with sensors, and more. Have experience with Arduino and looking to help others gain their footing? The lab provides mentorship opportunities where students lead workshops and gain excellent resume building soft skills, and enhance their technical skills by guiding others. The IPDL also offers lab-affiliated courses. 

More Ways to Get Involved

There are a number of ways that students can become a member of the IPDL. Membership offers a variety of practical benefits like access to tools and materials, and more importantly, the membership offers a community with opportunities to network, mentor, research, and develop new skills.

Join our mailing list to stay updated on lab meetings and events. Interested students are also encouraged to stop by the lab!

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Lab Membership

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Research Assistantship

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Teaching Assistantship

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Lab Mentorship

Lab mentors are a key feature of the lab. They provide guidance to members, and gain insights for their own projects.
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Faculty across the university are encouraged to connect with the lab on collaborative research opportunities. From integrating interactive products into your curriculum to utilizing the lab for equipment or space, our expertise and facilities are uniquely positioned to offer a space with many interactive teaching and applied learning opportunities. Faculty are also encouraged to join our weekly lab meeting and present their work or topics of interest. 

Join our mailing list to stay updated on lab meetings and events, or reach out to Noah Posner, IPDL Lab Manager and Research Scientist for inquiries on collaboration opportunities.

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The lab welcomes and is capable of collaborating with industry partners in a variety of forms. We can work with you bringing our knowledge of design methodology to explore new directions of incorporating interactive products and services into your businesses through supporting research. Sponsored course projects bring your professional knowledge to students while giving you access to ideas, concepts, and explorations. You can also choose to donate to or sponsor the lab, allowing us to continue our mission of creating experiences through technology. 


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