What the IPDL Can Do For You

What the IPDL Can Do For You

The IPDL has general staffed open hours throughout the week where a lab mentor is available to assist students and faculty. Mentors can be identified by their yellow lanyards and badges.

The IPDL's Areas of Expertise and Service

Within the lab, our knowledgeable faculty and students bring a wide range of resources and technical skills to assist you with a variety of design challenges such as:


  • Interactive Product design methods
  • Incorporating interactivity (both inputs and outputs) into your product design
  • Creating functional prototypes
  • Providing knowledge of the current technological landscape 
  • Selecting the right technology and components
  • Debugging issues with code for Arduino and other microcontrollers
  • Supporting project teams with knowledge and skills for research and competition submissions 


three projectors on a table

Resources Available in the IPDL

The lab provides a variety of resources for students and faculty to utilize that includes electronics prototyping equipment such as soldering stations, multimeters, and oscilloscopes. The lab has the means to create wearable electronics such as sewable sensors, sewing machines, and conductive thread. Collaborative work spaces with video conference capabilities are also available for meeting or work sessions during open hours. 

List of all lab tools and resources coming soon!

different micro controllers

Tools Available for Checkout

Experimenting with the wide variety of sensors, outputs, and other hardware available in the IPDL allows students, faculty, and researchers to a gain access to testing and decision making tools without the need to invest in components. Many of these items and tools are available for checkout and students can utilize them for class projects or self-learning.

Students need to fill out the checkout form before they are allowed to use certain tools outside of the IPDL. If a specific input, output, or processing device is desired to be incorporated into a project or device, it is strongly encouraged that the student or faculty purchase the component. 

List of checkout-elegible tools and items coming soon!

noah talking to heydn

Assistance with Courses and Research

Associated IPDL faculty members and researchers offer teaching and learning opportunities and can facilitate presentations and group-learning sessions that provide general overview of how to integrate electronics into products. The IPDL can also assist with research needs and inquiries through its expertise in creating devices for collecting data and/or devices for testing interaction with users. 


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