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About the Lab

About the Lab

The Interactive Product Design Lab (IPDL) supports interdisciplinary team-based collaborative research and courses related to the application of sensor-based technologies for use in everyday products and systems.

Founded in 2011, the lab became the first introduction for many industrial design students to the concepts of integrating functional electronics into their product design concepts. Since then, the lab has expanded from teaching one class of 20 students per semester to a position of greater impact to the outcomes of students. Today, the IPDL assist in the education of hundreds of students per year through courses, research, workshops, and open lab hours. 

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The IPDL's Mission

The IPDL's Mission

Our goal is to initiate, explore, and experiment with new applications of sensor-based technologies. The lab provides tools and access to knowledge that facilitate product design, through user-centered design and research methodologies. Effective intelligent interactive products and systems are complex processes with significant social implications. Without prototypes to support the viability of new concepts, new ideas remain unsubstantiated and untested. We believe the ability to design and prototype in collaboration with the target user audience should be an intrinsic part of developing new interactive products and systems.

Central to this concept, the School of Industrial Design places a high priority on the need to foster and develop interdisciplinary, team-based collaboration with other academic and research units from across campus. We collaborate with the School of Interactive Computing, School of Mechanical Engineering, GVU Center, Institute for People and Technology (IPaT), and the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI).

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Meet Jim Budd, the School of Industrial Design Chair and Director of the IPDL.
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