Smart Ballet Shoe

Smart Ballet Shoe: Transforming Adult Ballet Learning Through Wearable Tech 

glo Hoodie

The glo Hoodie is a wearable technology garment that amplifies and augments the expressive movement of a dancer. It provides the novice audience with an available affordance to better appreciate and understand modern dance, and the dancers new tools to better communicate with the audience, with each other, and with themselves.

The garment provides the dancer with a gesture control interface through embedded RFID tags, and a motion control interface through accelerometers sewn into the garment.

glo Skirt

The gloSkirt is a wearable technology garment design for Mary Jane Pennington of dance troupe gloATL. The team wanted to give her an experimental tool to challenger her own movement style and better engage audiences new to dance. A base layer of LEDs responds to resistive sensors embedded within layer of the skirt, causing the garment to ‘pulse’ and ‘breathe’ as the dancer crushes and separates with her movements.

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